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  • Ever wanted to try Reformer Pilates? Ever wondered what Yoga was about?

    Promote an overall sense of well being and a pain free body. The Tiaki Studio boasts Wellington’s most extensive range of Pilates equipment and is one of only a few studios offering Pilates and Yoga under one roof – all at a competitive price.

    Strengthen your core, improve your posture, look and feel better.

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  • Rachael Burke

  • Rachael Burke’s career started in 1994, when she graduated from AUT with a degree in physiotherapy. She worked in private practises while gaining a postgraduate qualification in manipulative therapy. Rachael always had a keen interest in Sports Medicine and has completed many sports medicine papers through Otago University Her passion is injury prevention and rehabilitation. Incorporating Yoga and Pilates in to her career as a Physiotherapist is something Rachael has been working towards for years as she believes the combination of the two serves to rehabilitate from injury, prevent further injury and help increase performance in the sporting arena and in everyday life.
Opening the Tiaki studio in April 2012 she is now able to combine her passion for rehabilitation as well as injury prevention under one roof, and extend her knowledge to the general public. Rachael actively trains the teachers at Tiaki to provide quality classes especially designed to improve and strengthen healthy and able bodies. With her physiotherapy room attached to the studio Rachael is able to keep a close eye on client’s rehabilitation and progress.

Tiaki: “To Protect, Guard and Look After”

  • Jeff Dixon

  • Jeff began his physiotherapy career after graduating from the University of Otago with Bachelor of Physiotherapy and Bachelor of Science degrees in 2002. After completing courses in manipulative therapy, he headed to Melbourne where he built on his passion for integrating physiotherapy and exercise rehabilitation, whilst doing qualifications in Clinical Pilates and working with a top-level rugby club. Jeff returned to New Zealand with his young family at the end of 2012. He has continued to learn new ways of treating patients having done courses in kinesiology taping. Jeff is also a keen sportsperson, especially basketball.

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy: Treatment for Women and Men

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy was set up in 2006 by Liz Childs. The practice has grown substantially since then. She now has a carefully chosen team of dedicated and passionate pelvic floor physiotherapists, who are committed to providing the highest level of care.

Treatment involves a thorough assessment and an individualised treatment programme. It may include pelvic floor strengthening or relaxation, and other self-help techniques. There will also be advice on lifestyle modifications and appropriate pelvic floor safe exercise. There is a range of biofeedback, TENS and electrical stimulation equipment available for use if required.

Referrals are received from many sources including GPs, gynaecologists, obstetricians, midwives, colorectal surgeons, gastroenterologists, sexual health doctors and counsellors. You may also refer yourself; simply email or phone and ask to be seen by one of the pelvic floor physiotherapists.

  • Liz Childs

  • Liz has studied and practised pelvic floor physiotherapy extensively over the past 16 years and is passionate about helping people with pelvic health problems. It can be difficult to talk about sensitive issues, but getting access to the right treatment will help improve your quality of life. Liz’s professionalism and empathy will help make you feel at ease. Liz has a postgraduate certificate in pelvic floor physiotherapy from the University of Melbourne, and a post graduate diploma in manipulative physiotherapy. She has spoken at various national conferences, gives regular presentations to health professionals, and teaches at the University of Otago Medical School.
Liz is on the Physiotherapy New Zealand Pelvic, Women’s and Men’s Health Physiotherapy committee, and is on the National Executive of Continence New Zealand.
  • Sarah Boyle

  • Sarah is a highly experienced Women’s Health Physiotherapist, who is committed to providing high quality care to her patients. She worked in Australia for 7 years, where she attended many ongoing professional workshops, including pelvic floor training. After returning to New Zealand, she was employed as a member of the Women’s Health team at Wellington Hospital for many years. In June 2017 she joined Liz at Tiaki. Sarah’s areas of special interest include pregnancy and post-natal work; bladder, bowel and prolapse issues, as well as pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction.
  • Stephanie Jones

  • Stephanie is an experienced physiotherapist who is passionate about correcting pelvic floor dysfunction, and ensuring all women are safe before they embark on exercise programmes. She is up to date with recent research in these areas. Stephanie is also a Yoga and Pilates teacher, and takes a holistic approach to patient care. As an active sports woman Stephanie recognises what is required to help her patients return to their chosen exercise endeavours, be it high level or taking a walk around the block. Her areas of interest include pregnancy and post-natal patients, as well as treating women of all ages with prolapse, bladder and bowel dysfunction.

What we treat:


  • Julia Agren

  • Yoga is Julia’s favourite way to achieve deep meditation, it helps her find deep relaxation during her practice as well as through her daily life. During her classes she focuses on helping each practitioner to achieve the same deep feeling of contentment. Julia was introduced to Pilates at the age of 17. Her back problems have been amazingly controlled through regular exercise. Her experience made her a firm believer in the benefits that come a long with Pilates. Julia is Swedish in her heart but her love for traveling brought her from Central America, through the USA, Europe, Asia, Cyprus, Canada and Norway to finally settle in New Zealand. New Zealand’s beautiful surroundings are what trigger her love for relaxing while walking in nature. She feels fulfilled when seeing our members faces after a good class as well as watching them improve their skills.
  • Muni Cari

  • Muni Cari (said ‘Moonee Charee’) arrived in Wellington at the end of August, 2013. He had been managing the Loft yoga lounge in Auckland with his wife (who is also a qualified yoga teacher). They moved to Wellington for a change of scene and to give Muni the opportunity to develop his yoga teaching career. Muni has a genuine enthusiasm and love for yoga practice and yoga teaching. His interest in yoga started 20 years ago when he began some yoga stretching postures as part of his physical recovery following a serious motor vehicle accident. Muni says he is excited to share his knowledge and yoga skill with others and give them the opportunity to reach new levels within their own practice, or commence a practice if they are new to yoga. He likes to incorporate some humour into his classes, he believes if you have fun while exercising you are more likely to take it up regularly (both having fun and exercising). He interweaves astanga, cardio and strength into yoga flow. He is a cycling enthusiast also. You will see him all around Wellington, rain or shine, riding his bike with his yoga mat on his back.
  • Sophia Pech

  • Sophia started practicing yoga six years ago as a way to build strength and flexibility but it didn’t take long for the ancient practice and its insightful philosophies to take hold. Completing her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Power Living in 2015, Sophia continues to learn through her own personal practice as well as attending teacher training workshops and retreats. She has trained and attended workshops with Tiffany Cruickshank, Sarah Powers, Joe Barnett, Duncan Peak, Les Levanthal and Octavio Salvado. Yoga helps Sophia quiet her monkey mind allowing her to be more mindful and present in her daily life. Sophia loves the sense of connection and community that yoga creates and looks forward to sharing it with you. Join her for a vinyasa flow class and start to explore the benefits of yoga for yourself. Sophia is currently fundraising for Her Future Coalition through Yoga Medicine’s Seva Foundation to help support survivors of human trafficking, slavery and child marriage in India. You can help support this great cause by attending a fundraiser yoga class at Tiaki on Saturday’s at 1pm or by making a donation through Sophia’s fundraiser page: You can follow Sophia’s yoga journey on Instagram @sophiaevzayoga
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Reflexologist/Massage Therapist

  • Maria Carpenter

Born in the Czech Republic and trained at the Prague School of Reflexology in 2006, Maria has been in private practice for the last ten years. Moving to NZ in late 2015, she now wishes to improve peoples’ lives by offering pleasant, relaxing foot, neck and shoulder massages. The art of Reflexology helps the body resotre the natural balance of energy flow by massaging the reflex zones. Each body part has a pressure point that can be found in the foot – the foot is a mirror of the entire body. See what Maria’s clients have to say here.