Do you or someone you know have an osteoarthritis diagnosis?

Did you know that Physiotherapy Treatment can help?

As part of a multi-faceted approach, Physiotherapy treatment has been proven to help reduce the symptoms of OA and improve function and quality of life in people with a diagnosis of hip and/or knee OA.

Left untreated, OA can have a huge impact on a person’s quality of life.  As well as pain, muscle weakness and stiffness there is also a loss of motion of the joint itself.  If these symptoms aren’t addressed, the result can be:

– A decrease in activity
– Further muscle weakness
– An increased risk of falling
– Fear and a lack of confidence about moving and exercising
– A drastic reduction in quality of life


Physiotherapy can offer Manual Therapy Treatment aimed at:

– Restoring joint range of motion
– Reducing the compressive forces on cartilage
– Reducing pressure within the joint
– Facilitating increased length and flexibility of muscles and other soft tissues surrounding the joint.

At Tiaki our Physiotherapists have expertise in Manual Therapy Techniques for OA of the hip, knee and ankle.  We recommend a short course of manual therapy treatment initially, followed by regular check ups to keep on top of joint mobility and prevent further stiffness.

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