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What to expect at your Tiaki Physiotherapy appointment

What it includes:

  • Longer appointment times so we can focus on not just helping you recover, but on preventing further problems
  • Personalised exercise and recovery plan
  • Expert physiotherapy assessment
  • Individual goals to help you move well and live well

Tiaki Physiotherapy is ACC Registered.
No Doctor Referral Necessary

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our physiotherapists are ACC registered.  If your injury qualifies for ACC, our physiotherapists can register your injury with ACC.

Your physio will conduct a thorough examination, discuss your treatment goals, provide some form of treatment as appropriate and then discuss your management plan which is likely to include some exercises.

No doctor referral is necessary!

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Enjoy life again with the freedom to move

Sports injuries, pain, arthritis and work-related injuries can all stop us enjoying life. Tiaki provides you with a team of registered physiotherapists to make sure you’ve got a safe environment to start your journey towards moving well. So you can recover smoothly, manage pain and return to our everyday activities with ease.

We believe everyone deserves to move well

Move with ease

Everyone deserves to move easily. We understand how important it is to find experts who can guide and nurture your journey to get moving again.

Enjoy life

Freedom to move means freedom to enjoy life. Build your confidence and strength, and experience the transformation that moving well can have on your life.

Age well

Slowing down as you get older needn’t happen to you. We can help you get moving and keep moving safely and gently so you can enjoy life for years to come.

Live well with Tiaki physiotherapy

At our clinic in Wellington

To help you recover smoothly

Move with ease, enjoy life, age well

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