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Rachael Burke

Rachael attained her Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from AUT in 1994.

She worked in private practises while gaining a postgraduate qualification in manipulative therapy.

Rachael always had a keen interest in Sports Medicine and has completed many sports medicine papers through Otago University.

Her passion is injury prevention and rehabilitation. Incorporating Yoga and Pilates in to her career as a Physiotherapist is something Rachael has been working towards for years as she believes the combination of the two serves to rehabilitate from injury, prevent further injury and help increase performance in the sporting arena and in everyday life.


Opening the Tiaki studio in April 2012 she is now able to combine her passion for rehabilitation as well as injury prevention under one roof, and extend her knowledge to the general public.

Rachael actively trains the teachers at Tiaki to provide quality classes especially designed to improve and strengthen healthy and able bodies.

With her physiotherapy room attached to the studio Rachael is able to keep a close eye on client’s rehabilitation and progress.

Jeff Dixon

A highly skilled physiotherapist, Jeff is passionate about integrating physiotherapy and exercise rehabilitation.  He continues to expand his knowledge of effective treatments to provide his patients the best support.

Jeff was drawn to work in Physiotherapy through his passion for sports and a desire to give something back to the community and he enjoys helping clients achieve their goals in their rehabilitation.


Since qualifying with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and a Bachelor of Science (anatomy and structural biology), Jeff has continued his professional developmen, studying clinical pilates,  pilates for neurological conditions, manipulative therapy and kinesiology taping.

Jeff’s training in  Pilates for Neurological Conditions included learning how the brain and spinal cord function to control movement and sparked his interest in improving the lives of those with neurological conditions (MS, Stroke and Parkinson’s Disease).

“It allows me to understand the neurological basis for some movement disorders and with this knowledge I am able to modify exercises to help people with these conditions maintain and improve their function and quality of life.”

A keen sportsperson, Jeff has worked with sports injuries and rehabilitation throughout his career, including working in Melbourne with a top level rugby club, before returning to Wellington with his family in 2012.

Jeff is also passionate about using his skills to help others in need.  Inspired by hearing the daily waiata of the local homeless collective DCM, Jeff visited the group to learn more about its mahi.

He immediately saw how he could help clients (‘Taumai’) there who often sleep rough on hard ground or carry heavy loads around and have other health challenges.  For several years Jeff has been providing free physio sessions at DCM with the support of Tiaki Physio and Pilates.

Tiaki Instructors

Nellie Merval

Nellie offers movement coaching and Pilates and has been offering this since 2014.

She loves to help people with corrective movement training to create a strong foundation for being the very best version of yourself! Whether you are an elite athlete trying to find that extra little tweak to help you perform or just starting your fitness journey and not quite sure where to start, Nellie can help you!


She is especially passionate about helping people find ways to be healthier and fitter without going to extreme measures. Her belief is that if you don’t like movement or exercise then you just haven’t yet found the right type of movement or exercise for you yet!  With Nellie you won’t be constantly focused on what the scales say or body fat measurements – instead focus on feeling stronger, more capable, more functional and more confident in your own body.

Nellie’s approach is less on the aesthetic and more on improving your capabilities, skills and developing a better relationship with your body.

Lisa Allen

Bio coming…

Rochelle Hooper

Bio coming…

Laura Deave

Laura is an enthusiastic and dedicated Pilates Instructor from the UK. She came to Pilates after many years of Pilates classes taught by her mother who is also a physiotherapist. She trained in matwork and reformer in the UK with Body Control Pilates and the APPI, then worked at various studios across England before moving to Wellington in 2018.

Laura is committed to restoring normal natural movement patterns, enabling clients to live a more balanced and active life. Her aim is to make exercise and movement fun while allowing people to take control of their bodies and explore what it is to move consciously and conscientiously.


Laura is a keen cyclist and runner, regularly taking to the wellington trails on two feet or two wheels. Being a cyclist and runner Laura is particularly interested in how Pilates can make us perform better in these disciplines as well as everyday life.

Daiana Zeolla

Daiana is an experienced and passionate Pilates, Yoga Instructor and Massage therapist. She has been involved in the wellness industry for more than twelve years.

She has a full advanced training in Pilates equipment management, Pilates Mat, Hatha Yoga, amongst other body techniques. She is also an advanced student of Iyengar Yoga and his teachings.

She has a Bachelor Degree in Movement-Therapies Coordination (Body Therapist).


This degree gave her tools and elements such as anatomy, biomechanics and psychology to help her understand how the body works.It also taught her how to use different techniques like massage, Feldenkrais, bioenergetic, meditation and Ayurveda amongst others. As a Body Therapist she has a holistic point of view about the body.

Muni Cari

Muni is excited to share his knowledge and yoga skill with others and give them the opportunity to reach new levels within their own practice or commence a practice if they are new to yoga.

He likes to incorporate some humour into his classes, he believes if you have fun while exercising you are more likely to take it up regularly (both having fun and exercising).

He interweaves Astanga, cardio and strength into yoga flow.

Catherine Bland

Cat’s interest in physical wellbeing began at a young age through her love of dance. After completing a Diploma in Commercial Dance at the Wellington Performing Arts Centre, she spent several years travelling the world, performing and teaching dance to others.

In 2013, Cat’s passion for teaching led her to train as a barre instructor through Barre Body in Melbourne.


Encouraged by the incorporation of dance, pilates, and yoga within her barre teaching.Cat went on to complete a yoga teacher certification through Byron Yoga Centre and a Body Balance teacher certification through Les Mills.After returning to Wellington in 2016 to pursue a career in primary education, Cat continued her work in barre and yoga, whilst also undertaking training to become a reformer pilates instructor at Tiaki.

Cat strongly believes that exercise should be fun as well as functional, so aims to create joyful, dynamic classes. Cat’s classes are full of variations, designed to provide opportunities for all individuals to challenge themselves.

Stephanie Jones

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