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Studio Reformer Pilates classes

Many people want to get moving again, safely. They’ve heard about Pilates, but don’t know where to begin. Reformer Pilates is perfect for people new to Pilates, or who are recovering from injury.

Rather than being complicated and confusing, the Reformer machine makes it easy to learn the correct Pilates movements and the machine can be adjusted to help you out.

Reformer Pilates classes make it easy to learn and easier to progress to more challenging exercises without over-stressing your body. So you can experience the benefits of Pilates faster.

What to expect at Tiaki Reformer Pilates classes

  • Our studios are regularly cleaned to keep you safe and healthy.
  • Bring your own towel with you for hygiene purposes.
  • For Health and Safety reasons, we ask you to use grip socks for all of our reformer pilates classes.
  • Our studios are a place for you to take some time-out and focus on you. We ask all our clients to switch off their mobile phones when you enter the Pilates room, yoga studio or private room and conduct personal conversations outside the rooms quietly.
  • Our Group Classes are for participants who are considered fit and well to attend class. If you have any injury concerns please ask to speak to one of our physiotherapists.

$37.00 per class casual

$320.00 10 Trip Pass

Memberships available

Memberships are the best way for you to get more classes for less! We have a variety of membership options starting from as little as one class per week. Talk to us about your needs and we can tailor a membership option to suit!

Get moving safely and effectively

At Tiaki we know that you want to get moving (it might have been awhile). To get moving, you need to find an effective and safe form of exercise. And going to the gym is just not your thing. It can be frustrating not knowing where to begin if you’ve been away from exercise for too long or need a more effective way to get your fitness back.

Tiaki Pilates Classes

Time-out to relax and get active

Build core strength and control

Increase your confidence

A strong foundation

Tiaki Pilates is a low-impact but effective form of weight-bearing exercise that involves strengthening and lengthening muscles.

Done in the manner taught by our instructors, our Pilates classes will allow you to achieve remarkable results without risking injury.

The exercises that you perform as part of the Tiaki Pilates classes help you strengthen both small and large muscles.

Many of the exercises you’ll enjoy in our sessions allow you to strengthen and control core muscles that are responsible for protecting against back pain, getting tummy muscles back and improving posture and breathing.

Pilates can be done on a mat, using a reformer machine or using other equipment. Using a reformer machine or other equipment helps support your body as you learn to coordinate how you move, build strength and improve mobility.

Helping reduce back pain, enhance tummy muscles and get you back to enjoying life.

New to Pilates?

We get that starting a new activity can be daunting, which is why at Tiaki we have expert Pilates instructors ready to guide you and help you confidently embark on your journey to wellness.

Book your introductory assessment session!

Get 2 x free Reformer Pilates classes free when you book your one hour private introductory session.

Already a Reformer Regular?

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s much better to have control than strength. Many people have heard of Pilates in the context of back pain or improving core strength.

Our ‘core’ is the abdominal (tummy), pelvis, hip and lower back muscles that support our spine. Rather than building core strength, Pilates actually helps you use the correct muscles to have better control over how you hold yourself. And this control can help protect your back, reduce back pain, improve posture and help tummy muscles.

Better control and strength can help improve sports performance as well as daily activities.

Pilates is a low-impact exercise perfect for getting back into exercise again, recovering from injury or childbirth, or when you’re trying to keep active as you get older. Rather than building strength, Pilates focuses on how you move and coordinate your muscles to move, and teaches you how to do it right.

The exercises we teach at Tiaki Pilates help you use big and small muscles to give you complete control over your movement. The equipment and reformer machines we use in some of our Pilates classes make learning Pilates easier.

The equipment can seem overwhelming at first, but with the guidance of our expert instructors, you’ll soon experience how easy Pilates exercises can be to learn and enjoy.

Regular Pilates classes will help you increase muscular strength, endurance and mobility, improve posture and breathing, and reduce injury risk. Making it the perfect form of exercise if you’ve been slowing down, not exercised for a while or want to get tummy muscles back after pregnancy and childbirth.

Everyone who is new to the studio has an introductory session where we find out about you, your movement or body concerns, previous injuries, level of experience and what your goals are.

We then take you through a Pilates session so you can see what it’s like.

View our introductory offer here

We don’t focus on weight loss. We focus on sustainable regular exercise with the aim to strengthen your whole body, improve mobility and improve how you move.

We encourage you to create long term habits and enjoy your time at Tiaki so that you are more likely to make it a lifetime habit. If you exercise regularly you’re less likely to suffer pain and dysfunction.

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