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Pilates, Physiotherapy and Pelvic Health in Wellington, New Zealand

Get through life with greater ease with Tiaki

When you need to get moving again, we’ll look after you to help you move well

Many people want to move well, live well and age well. They’re looking for a reliable, effective way to get moving if they’ve been affected by injury or haven’t exercised in a while.  Tiaki offers personalised physiotherapy, and Pilates, online anywhere and in-person in Wellington.

We believe everyone should have freedom of movement and the benefits this brings to their lives


We understand if we move well, live well and age well we get through life with greater ease.Tiaki provides you with a team of registered physiotherapists and qualified Pilates and yoga instructors to make sure you’ve got a safe environment in which to start their journey towards moving well.

Our team are knowledgeable about injuries and disease processes (such as arthritis) that can affect mobility. So all the recommendations we make for exercise and treatment will help you live well.And we can foster people’s growth and belief in themselves that they can move forward enjoying life and aging well.



The inspiration for the Tiaki logo came from Rachael’s origins and the landmarks she identifies with.  The imagery represents The Remarkables, near Queenstown, and reflects a message of strength, being grounded or having strong foundations. 

The word Tiaki itself has very strong meaning and can be interpreted in a few different ways.

Tiaki itself means to care for, to protect, to look after. The notions of care and protection are at the heart of Tiaki. Tiaki is also linked to the word ‘akiaki’ which can mean nurture, support, encourage. From this the meaning can be interpreted to “providing space for people to grow”.

At Tiaki all our instructors and physiotherapists can be seen as guides to your journey to grow, move well, live well and age well

We look after you, listen to your concerns and come up with a solution that gets you moving, living and ageing well

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