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Pilates Classes at Tiaki

Tiaki classes are focused on building and developing the body around its correct anatomical neutral position and posture.

Each class carries a slightly different aim, with the main goal to help the client gain a stronger, more flexible and healthier body.

We know that you’ll not only enjoy each and every class, but also leave knowing that you have had a great workout

Each instructor will help you achieve correct body positioning and motivate you throughout the class.

Tiaki Pilates has been designed to accommodate for all ages and all levels of fitness. So whether you are an elite athlete looking for an edge over the competition or someone returning to exercise from some time off, Tiaki Pilates can accommodate your requirements.

The studio is designed to stimulate all the senses. From providing ambient chandelier lighting, to our high stud and sense of space t allowing each client to embrace the studio as a haven from their busy lifestyle. This helps to create a pleasurable experience that they can subconsciously associate with exercise, helping the client to develop a healthier, happy lifestyle.

Class Protocol

  • Scan in using our Covid-19 QR Code
  • Bring your own towel and water bottle with you for hygiene purposes.
  • For Health and Safety reasons grip socks are mandatory for all of our reformer pilates classes
  • Switch off your mobile phones when you enter the Pilates room, studio or private room.
  • Please conduct personal conversations outside the rooms quietly.
  • Assume savasana (corpse position) on either your mat or reformer as soon as you enter the room.
  • Our Group Classes are for participants who are considered fit and well to attend class.
  • Any injury concerns please ask to speak to one of our physiotherapists

Class timetable

Our studios offer extensive class timetables at times that are convenient for your daily work/life schedule.

Our Classes

Reformer Pilates

Pilates is more than just an exercise system. It is a physical discipline that involves a variety of principles that were devised by instructors using Joseph Pilates’ original concepts, which he called “Contrology.” Tiaki Pilates is a low-impact but effective form of weight bearing exercise that involves strengthening and lengthening muscles.

Online Classes

Join our amazing Tiaki Community! We know how hard you work and looking after yourself both physically and mentally and how important that is to you.Why should things change during this time of uncertainty and change?If getting to the studio isn’t possible right now, let us help. Help your body to stay strong and you mind stay calm.

Pregnancy Reformer Pilates

Exercising during pregnancy is very important. For your overall health and well being as well as your baby. Some forms of exercise can be harmful during pregnancy as it places extra stress on the pelvic floor – and may cause problems such as leakage or prolapse. High impact, high load classes are not always appropriate.

Post Natal Pilates

Pelvic Safe Pilates – for Post Natal Women. We all know that exercise is important for health and well being, but there are certain times in your life when you need to be more careful. Almost every exercise you do affects your pelvic floor.Some exercise is harmful during the post natal period as it places extra stress on the pelvic floor – and may cause problems such as leakage or prolapse.

Pilates for Menopause

Pelvic Safe Pilates – for Menopause. As we progress through life, our body is challenged in different ways. Menopause is no different.As women age, exercise becomes even more crucial for maintaining health and movement.Exercise not only improves your physical and mental health, but it reduces your risk of chronic disease.During menopause a drop in oestrogen means the risk of developing osteoporosis is significantly greater.This drop in oestrogen can also result in achy joints.

Pilates for Neurological Conditions

Staying active is physically and mentally beneficial for those with neurological conditons. (MS, Stroke, Parkinsons Disease) Our Physiotherapist Jeff Dixon is a highly experienced Physiotherapist who has a passion for improving the lives of those with neurological conditions.Jeff’s study in Pilates for Neurological Conditions, included learning how the brain and spinal cord function to control movement.

Why choose us?

We modify classes to suit your personal needs
Focus on posture, strength and improved performance through every stage of your life.

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