Terms and Conditions

For Direct Debits
The “Facility Owner” means the organisation providing the service for which the Customer is paying.

The “Customer” means the person or party signing the Payment Contract. “Payment Contract” means the Agreement in which the Customer has agreed to pay for the service provided by the Facility Owner. Hereafter referred to as the “Agreement” “Ezidebit NZ Ltd, PO Box 5587, Wellington 6145, New Zealand Phone 0800 478 483 Fax 04 473 6511 Email info@ezidebit.co.nz

The Customer acknowledges that Ezidebit has been contracted by the Facility Owner to collect the payments due under the Agreement in return for having an entitlement to use the services provided by the Facility Owner. Nothing contained in the Payment Contract shall render Ezidebit, the agent of the Facility Owner, for any purpose other than the collection of payments due and payable under the Agreement.

You acknowledge that Ezidebit shall not in any way be liable to you for the provision of Services. For the purpose of the Contracts Privacy Act 1982, you acknowledge that all rights of the Facility Owner pursuant to this Agreement may be enforced by Ezidebit, as if it were the Facility Owner, without requiring your consent or any involvement on the part of the Facility Owner.
2. PAYMENTS Ezidebit shall administer the collection of payments due by you to the Facility Owner. All payments due by you shall be made directly to Ezidebit in the manner specified in the Agreement. It can take up to three (3) days for payments to be processed from your account. Your obligations under this agreement is to ensure sufficient funds remain available to cover the instalment amount specified in this agreement for at least three (3) days after the nominated instalment date.

3. DISHONOUR FEE Ezidebit shall debit a dishonour fee of $14.00 direct from your account for any payment dishonoured by your bank within 7 days of the payment rejecting.

For all Casual Rates and Private
All Casual Rates and Private rates have an expiry of 4 months.

For all Memberships Paid in Advance (1month, 6 month and 12 month)
These memberships must all be paid for in advance, by debit or credit card or in cash at the studio. If you decide to leave before the end of the fixed contract, no refund is due but your membership can be transferred to another person.

For Use of Website

Tiaki invites you to visit its website. Access to and use of the site is subject to the terms and conditions outlined herein and all applicable laws. Tiaki reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions from time to time by updating this notice. This is an offer made by Tiaki to you, under which you are invited to browse, peruse and interact with our website for your own personal guidance, information and communication with Tiaki.

This offer is expressly conditional on your acceptance of these terms and conditions. This Agreement represents the entire agreement between you and Tiaki concerning access to the Tiaki website and takes precedence over all such existing communications and/or agreements.

You acknowledge that, whilst every effort is made to ensure that all information contained in the Tiaki website is accurate and up-to-date, Tiaki makes no warranty as to its accuracy, and you accept that any and all use of information contained on the Tiaki website is at your own risk.

Tiaki shall not be liable for any direct or consequential loss arising from your access to and/or use of or inability to access and/or use the Tiaki website or any erroneous or omitted information contained on the Tiaki website.

You accept that the entire content of the Tiaki website is protected by copyright and that Tiaki is either the proprietor or licensee of all copyright in the material contained therein.

Tiaki reserves all its rights as copyright proprietor of the Tiaki website and prohibits without limitation downloading, distribution, exhibition, copying, adaptation, reposting, modification of and dealing in any copyright material contained therein, save as expressly provided herein without the express written authorisation of Tiaki.

You are advised that all communications made via the Tiaki website and/or email, including but not limited to competition entries, is strictly on a non-confidential basis and you hereby grant to Tiaki an exclusive perpetual license to use the content of any such communication for any purposes whatsoever.

You acknowledge that Tiaki reserves all its rights as proprietor of all its trademarks and logos.

You are advised that any and all images of people and/or places and/or events exhibited on the website are lawfully used by Tiaki and that any misuse of these images by you is prohibited. You are further reminded that any such misuse of images may be a violation of copyright law, trade mark law, rights of privacy, publicity and personality, laws of defamation and/or obscenity, communications regulations and other legal provisions.

Tiaki reminds you that they police and enforce their rights vigorously to the maximum extent available under the law.

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If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please contact us:

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