Back Pain

At Tiaki our Physiotherapists are expert at providing treatment for lower back pain, neck pain and spinal pain

We can provide relief from back and neck pain by:

  • Conducting a thorough assessment and determining the cause of pain
  • The use of manual therapy techniques to ease painful joints and improve joint mobility
  • The use of soft tissue mobilisation techniques to reduce muscle spasm and improve tissue mobility
  • Formulating a personalised treatment and rehabilitation plan
  • Discussing other pan relief options
back and neck pain

Are your daily activities limited by pain and do you struggle to move freely?

We understand how limiting living with back pain can be and work with you to provide an effective treatment plan that will help increase joint mobility, reduce muscle spasm, reduce inflammation and rebuild strength.

Our Physiotherapists are all trained in manual therapy which is a structured approach delivering hands on physical therapy.

To further enhance the healing process and prevent recurring pain, our therapists will devise an exercise programme for you to do both at our clinic and on your own.  This programme will include specific strengthening and stretching exercises and low impact aerobic conditioning.

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