Theraband 2 Pack

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This resistance band is a thin ribbon of stretchy material, which comes in a variety of colours. Used as accessories for various different exercise moves, they enable you to add light resistance in a controlled manner and they’re really fun to use, too!

Here some popular advantages of theraband exercises:

  • They are extremely portable and can be done anywhere. …
  • Therabands carry no weight and are easy to carry.
  • Therabands are much more reasonable than other workout equipment like weights or machines.

The Main benefits of using resistance bands:

  • Same Muscle Activity, Less Chance of Injury. …
  • Greater Muscle Stimulus. …
  • Stabilization/Core Activation. …
  • Improved Strength & Athletic Performance. …
  • More Exercise Options. …
  • Inexpensive. …
  • Ideal for Rehabilitation. …
  • Stretching & Mobility.

We usually recommend the Medium resistance (green) band to start with.

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