Reflexology and Menopause

Reflexology and Menopause



Is reflexology worth trying for hot flushes in menopausal women?

As we women go through the change of life, many of us are plagued by hot flushes or flashes.

What can do done?

There is HRT(hormone replacement therapy) to try, this is however known to have some potential side effects. These include headaches, vaginal bleeding and increased risk of breast cancer. For this reason, many women look for other ways to cope.

Reflexology is a non-invasive treatment of the feet, also hands or ears. It is a gentle manipulation of the joints and palpitation of the tissue. This treatment can reduce stress and balance hormones, thus allowing a series of treatments to improve coping with hot flushes.

A study was conducted in Turkey with 120 women to find out if improvement is noticed, regarding menopausal symptoms, when comparing reflexology to foot massage. The results showed that all participants had their hot flushes and night sweats decrease. However the women receiving reflexology demonstrated a statistically significant larger decrease compared to those receiving massage only.


Find out for yourself……..give it a try.

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