Sinus Congestion

Sinus Congestion

Did you know stress and sinus congestion can be treated together with acupuncture?

Have you ever wondered why anyone would look so serene and relaxed with facial acupuncture needles? And why would we needle the face and what for?

Facial acupuncture can be very relaxing. Along with stimulating blood supply to local areas and releasing the stressed muscles in the forehead and jaw, it has great benefits of clearing sinus congestion.

Recently I’ve had remarkable results with chronic sinus congestion (and this time of year it can be at it’s worst when mixed with head colds). One client using acupuncture as a last resort after 20 years of suffering, has found that it’s the first treatment that’s helped with immediate results. Medications were no longer needed, with surrounding eye and head pain relieved and a huge change in swollen facial tissue.

It is helpful to release the neck and shoulder muscles with sinus and headache issues. Often sinus mucus and lymph is unable to drain properly due to muscle tension in the neck, head and face. Unusual pain and numbness in the face, eye and nape, nose bleeds, sinus headaches and migraines can greatly be helped with releasing the muscle pressure off the nerves at the lateral neck and jaw, and often connected to stress muscle tension held at the top of the shoulder blade.

I love combining relaxing shoulder and neck treatments with sinus and headache issues, its a great way to unwind, de-stress, de-congest and get clear headed! Oh and stop the medications……

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