Rachael Burke has been practicing physiotherapy for over 25 years. She is the owner at Tiaki and loves helping people to feel good, move well and age better. Rachael has spent the majority of her career focussing on rehabilitation, gaining further qualifications in manual therapy, sports medicine, pilates and yoga. Rachael enjoys the mix of Pilates and Physiotherapy when it comes to helping people to gain freedom of movement. This dedication to helping people move and recover from injury has inspired her to become an educator in Pilates and train others to achieve Pilates Teaching certification. Outside of Rachael’s most important role is inspiring her two teenage boys to follow their dreams and be all they can be.

Back Pain

At Tiaki our Physiotherapists are expert at providing treatment for lower back pain, neck pain and spinal pain We can provide relief from back and neck pain by: Conducting a thorough assessment and determining the cause of pain The use of manual therapy techniques to ease painful joints and improve joint mobility The use of …

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Corporate Pilates Online

Wellness in the workplace: Online  Once again we find ourselves working from home due to Covid Alert Levels and with that comes the challenges of technology, working environment, management, and communication to name a few. To give staff a break and boost morale – why not organise a corporate online pilates session just for you …

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Pilates On Demand

The year 2020 certainly was a year of challenge but also new opportunities. We were fortunate that we could use technology to adapt and keep our customers moving through the various levels of restrictions with our live and on-demand pilates video classes. Since we went online with classes customers have loved being able to do …

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5 Benefits of Pilates that you may not know

Pilates can correct faulty movement patterns The human brain is very efficient. One of it’s aims is to lay down movement patterns that make life easier allowing it more capacity to deal with life’s anomalies. Throughout life however, faulty or imperfect movement patterns can develop in response to pain, injury, poor technique, tight muscles, weak …

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Sinus Congestion

Sinus Congestion Did you know stress and sinus congestion can be treated together with acupuncture? Have you ever wondered why anyone would look so serene and relaxed with facial acupuncture needles? And why would we needle the face and what for? Facial acupuncture can be very relaxing. Along with stimulating blood supply to local areas …

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How Pilates helped me Post Hysterectomy

Three weeks post surgery, I’m feeling pretty good. So how specifically is Pilates serving me well. Awareness Pilates has gifted me awareness of my body. The importance of the large ‘moving’ muscle groups, and equally smaller ‘stabilising’ muscle groups. This awareness has enabled me to see the extreme sensitivity of my muscles during my recovery …

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