Are physio treatments covered by ACC?


ACC’s no fault policy means everyone in New Zealand who is injured in an accident is covered. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you were doing when you were injured.

To qualify for compensation the injury must be because of an accident and not due to illness, conditions from ageing or emotional issues.

If your injury qualifies this means your physiotherapy treatments are covered for treatment and rehabilitation, and ACC will pay for part of each physio appointment you have.

Tiaki Physio is a registered ACC provider and will process your ACC claim. At our practice 50% of the appointment cost is covered by ACC.

What type of injuries are covered by ACC?

We regularly treat sprains and strains and provide rehabilitation for injuries like fractures and dislocations that are covered by ACC. These injuries occur from a range of activities.

How do I know if a physiotherapist or health provider is registered for ACC cover?

When you make an appointment ask your provider if they are ACC registered and how much of the treatment will be covered by ACC. At the time of payment the ACC portion should be taken off the total treatment cost. For example if your treatment would normally be $70, this may be partially covered by ACC so you will be charged less.

How is an ACC claim lodged?

When you arrive for a first visit with us for an injury we’ll provide you the ACC claim form to fill out. You’ll need to fill out the date, time and situation of the injury in the form. Your physio will review the form with you at your first appointment. We will then lodge the claim with ACC.

How do I know when my claim is approved?

ACC will advise both you and your physio of the approval and share your claim number.

Am I covered straight away?

Yes. Although it can take a few days for ACC approval to come back to us, we will charge you as though your claim has been approved on the first visit. If for some reason ACC does not approve the cover we’ll talk with you further about the next steps.

What if I had to visit an emergency department before coming to physio for the injury?

The emergency department will complete the ACC claim for you. This means you will already have a claim number so a physiotherapist won’t need to do a new claim. Our administration team will contact ACC to find your claim number so that we can match it to your treatment with us and ensure your appointment costs are covered by ACC.

See more information and detail about ACC claims  here. 

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